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We pride ourselves on being the supplier for different categories from Travel Retail, Spas and Salons, to Food & Beverage, operating on 200+ cruise ships worldwide:

Trade Link West Indies, INC/SAS is a successful US-based and European-based company, specializing in the distribution of internationally recognized brands for the cruise and ferry line industry. We take pride in our integrity, innovation, and customer service. Our sales, distribution and marketing team serves the industry with the highest standards of excellence. We are dedicated to providing “Best in Class” products for your clients.

We have both bonded and non-bonded warehousing in the US and Europe, to allow responsive lead-times for our customers, based upon the seasonality of the ships' location.

At Trade Link West Indies, our trained and experienced associates, present the unique and customary products to meet and exceed the travelers’ expectations.

- Negotiate price structures with our suppliers, to assure the consumer price incentive.

- Providing sales solutions on board, to increase sales and brand presence while bringing increased profits for our clients.

- Offering specialized sales and logistics solutions designed for the unique demands of cruise ships and ferries on a global scale.

- Brands management, focusing on the consumers on board and measuring PPD to achieve the highest possible revenue/consumption per vessel. This is done through: 

- Targeting the top ranking items per brand. 

- Assuring a price structure that motivates the consumer based on domestic market prices. 

Creating branded environments to guarantee exceptional promotional impact on board.  

Staff trainings and guest enrichment seminars. 


Carving out an unparalleled niche of excellence in the Cruise Industry with exclusive, top-tiered brands that are on-time, on budget, eco-friendly and sustainable.

We guarantee 100% product fulfillment, stress-free logistics and onboard staff training by our expert sales and marketing team.

Direct Ship Deliveries in a timely manner


Customer-driven marketing strategy by tailoring product assortment based on demographics and sailing region


Very competitive lead times with zero logistics costs


Solution-oriented to address specific issues in the cruise industry.


100% order fulfillment, regardless of the brand’s international shortages, by holding a minimum of 3-month inventory; we assure constant replenishment


Bringing a unique offer to the consumer


Full control of the product from supplier’s door to onboard loading with sellout reporting


Staff trainings on board. Tasting events for the passengers


We guarantee full transparency between our customers & suppliers in order to best suit all involved parties.


Exclusive focus on the brands by having dedicated personnel assigned to each brand



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